Examination & Promotion

If a student remains absent for any examination without proper intimation from the parents in advance, a heavy penalty will be levied. It is obligatory for the parent to meet the Principal and inform the reason for the absence. It is compulsory to attend the parent – teacher meeting after every terminal examination and unit tests. The progress report is shown to the parents in the parent-teacher meeting. It is generally done within two weeks of the terminal examination and unit tests. You are requested to sign the progress report / diary and return it there itself. Class assignments, home assignments, projects, reports, activities, maintaining of text and note books, seminar reports, report in debate and discussions, also will be calculated along with the continuous evaluation. The specific objectives of each assessment are to be achieved by regular application of studies. It needs to be continuously assessed and evaluated. For this purpose four assessments are conducted in an academic year. If the assessments reveal that certain specific objectives are not achieved, the student will pay specific attention to achieve it and then proceed. These assessments will be considered for the final result. 40% marks are required to pass the Unit Test in any subject. Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations. Pupils, who absent themselves from examination, except for grave reason, will be considered as having failed in examination. The results once declared are final and cannot be reconsidered.

Requirement of Attendance

No student shall be eligible to take the examination and will not be allowed to appear at the examination, unless he/she has ensured minimum 75% of attendance counted since the opening of the classes. Any pupil falling short of the required percentage will not be granted promotion to the next class. Medical certificates have no guarantee for consideration to promotion. Academic and co-curricular activities get equal importance, therefore regular attendance of your child is essential. Students absenting themselves from any subject or part thereof or from an entire test shall not be given any division. One should attend and pass all the assessments including project works and assignments.

Periodic Tests, Promotions and Awards

It is compulsory to attend the parent-teacher meeting after the three Periodic Tests. The progress file of the student will be shown to the parents in the parent-teacher meeting. It is generally done within two weeks of the Tests. The Tests shall be held according to the tentative year plan of the school. The achievement report in the hand book, keeps the parents inform of the progress of their children. Appearing for the final examination is necessary for the promotion. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final. Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole year`s performance. To pass in any subject a pupil will have to secure 50% marks. Prizes are awarded to individual pupils for proficiency and merit in various curricular and co-curricular activities.